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Best Kneeling Pad with Elbow Pad Rest, Set also Includes 4 Mesh Pockets is Waterproof and Washable



  • Best Kneeling Pad

  • To make bathing and bathroom time for your young ones easier & much more enjoyable for all, you will need the best kneeling pad you can find. Baby Lovables Waterproof cushions mats also make for a unique baby shower gift that can also be used in other areas of the house. This bath time knee saver provides usable comfort. It is 22″ wide and has extra thick 1.5″ deep padding. The elbow padding piece is wide enough to fit all standard tubs. Stop fighting with rolled up towels that don’t stay in place and don’t provide the relief parents are looking for. Stylish Functionality that is  easy to care for. Product is machine washable, knee pad may also be attached to elbow pad and with the conveniently placed handle can be hung to dry. This set also provides a solution for bathroom storage. It supplies you with large mesh pockets that hold bath time necessities and bath toys all easily within reach and in an organized manner. The above mentioned ability to hang dry along with the breathable mesh pockets saves you much needed time by allowing the toys to air dry – so no need to clean the bath toys! Spend your time and energy loving your little ones.