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Iba Innovations Nestable Plug Covers (20 Count + 1 Bonus) - Child Proof Outlets ,Electrical Outlet Safety



  • Child Proof Outlets

  • EVER LOSE A PLUG COVER AGAIN! Ingenius Design Child Proof Outlets Nestable Outlet Plug Covers have a home in the adjacent cover keeping them out of your pocket, off the floor, and in the outlets where they can protect your children!
  • PROTECTS INFANTS AND CHILDREN: Nestable Outlet Plug Covers keep your children safe from electrical shock. By design, the covers loosely nest but don’t lock, which would allow a child leverage to pull out the adjacent cover.
  • STRONG, DURABLE, ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Nestable Outlet Plug Covers are constructed of clear polycarbonate to allow for an incredibly durable product that will blend well with your decor.
  • CONVENIENT & ECONOMICAL: The Nestable Outlet Plug Cover combines the convenience of the self-closing electrical outlet covers with the price of standard electrical plug covers. The nesting feature of these plug covers allow for simple, in-place storage of plug covers while the outlet is in use without the cost of replacing the entire outlet cover. 
  • Never lose a plug cover again!Traditional Child Proof Outlets plug covers are a great way to deter babies and children from playing with outlets, but are very easy to misplace while the outlet is being used.

    Iba Innovation’s unique, patent-pending design allows the plug covers to nest into each other, allowing you to keep the them off the floor or out of your pocket while using the outlet.