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Enfamil AR Spit Up Baby formula gentle Milk Powder Refill, 32.2 Oz - Omega 3 DHA, Probiotics, Immune & Brain Support (Package May Vary)



  • Enfamil AR

  • Contains two 16.1 oz pouches =  32.2 ounce refill pack of baby formula milk powder
  • Enfamil AR spit up baby formula with Iron is a gentle milk powder formula into foods and snacks your toddler already loves – a very easy way to help get nutrients into their diet. Formerly toddler next step
  • Clinically proven to reduce spit up by over 50 percent in 1 week
  • Specially formulated with a thicker consistency to reduce spit-up
  • Gentle, complete nutrition tailored for your baby through their first 12 months
  • Has DHA to help support brain and eye development
  • Benefits of rice cereal without the hassle or nutritional imbalance