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Medela Pump in Style Advanced Power Adaptor, Dual Voltage 110-240V Power Supply Cord for International Use, Authentic Spare Medela Pump Parts for 9V Pump in Style Breastpumps



  • Medela Pump Parts

  • Medela is the #1 mom recommended breast pump brand
  • Dual-voltage for 110 – 240V: our Medela pump in style advanced power adaptor is conveniently dual-voltage, allowing moms to use their pump in style advanced breast pump when outside the United States or overseas.
  • Ultra-convenient extra power source: keep a spare power adaptor on hand for work or travel, or use as a seamless replacement for a lost or damaged adaptor; this power source is compatible with all Medela 9-volt pump in style advanced breast pumps.
  • Use only with Medela 9-volt pump in style advanced breast pumps
  • Authentic Medela pump parts: for quality and performance Moms can Trust, look for authentic spare or replacement Parts; Inauthentic parts may vary in terms of quality and workmanship, which can affect the performance of your breast pump.